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Donors for FY16-17

We are funded by the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health and by generous supporters like you.


HERO $25,000 and Above

Cherese Mari Laulhere Foundation
Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative
Earl B. and Loraine H. Miller Foundation
Ms. Ruth Peck
Perricone Juices/Joseph and Karen Perricone Family Trust
The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation

ROLE MODEL $10,000 – $24,999

Caren and Eric Adler
Children’s Benefit League
Memorial Medical Center Foundation
Ms. Christie Peck

MENTOR $5,000 – $9,999

Centrifugal Casting Company, LLC
Kings Care Foundation
Joe Giacomin’s Martin Chevrolet

CHAMPION $1,000 – $4,999

Alicia Friedmann Interior Design, LLC
Brandee and Frank Baker, Sherry and Art Hibbits,
        Stephanie and Greg Hibbits
Bess J. Hodges Foundation
Laura and Neil Chasin
Century Villages at Cabrillo
Patricia Costales, LCSW
Ken Craig
Mr. J. Brent Dunn
Ms. Joanna Exacoustos
Nancy and Bob Foster
Ms. Shelley Gartner
Mr. Brian Hass
The Honorable Don Knabe
Ms. Tina Lee
Los Angeles Kings Alumni Association
Amanda MacLennan and
        Kirsten Goulde
Jan and Jerry Maize
Judy and Bob Miller
Port of Long Beach
Shelley and Ron Reed
Janet Riedman
Kurt Schneiter
Hilda Tourians and Merlyn Cook
Ms. Thea Turnbull
Alana and Amit Weinberg

ADVOCATE $500 – $999

Mr. Jay Axup
Sabine Bernbeck, MD
Mr. Cary Biren
Tiffany Brown, EdD
Richard Damato
Mr. Lee Duncan
Gloria Gutierrez
Mr. Dennis Ingram
Veronique Jotterand, MD
Mr. Sterling Kawamata
Ms. Alice Kikuchi
Bixby Knolls Kiwanis Club
Lincoln Financial Advisors
Lorraine and Joe Lyou
Elaine and Tom Marks
Ms. Karen Mazer
Alan Melcher
Ms. Lucy Allard Nelson and
        Mr. Mike L. Nelson
Teresa and David Page
Ms. Ana Perez
Ann and Jerry Perez
Mr. Timothy Sailor and
        Mr. Kevin Howard
Ms. Jennifer Sanders
Jacqueline Sargent
Ms. Barbara Simon
Ms. Betsy Snare and
        Mr. Ed Walters
Ms. Dolores Kneece and
        Mr. Thomas Vyse

FRIEND $100 – $499

Michelle and Jack Allison
Kathy and Alan Apples
Ms. Martha Archuleta
Maxine and Mark Bagan
Echo Global Logistics Pod – Baker
Ms. Renee Bergeron
Mr. Bill Bevan and
        Mr. John Osteen
Franci and Robert Bond
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Braly
Laura and Chad Brinderson
Debbie and Jack Brooks
Dr. Robert Byrd
Ms. Lindsay Carlson
The Children’s Clinic
Ms. Kelly Colopy
Sara Cooper
Ms. Susan Cooper
Liz Corbeil
Susie Core
Ms. Jeanne Costales
Kimberly Crawford
CSULB Center for International Trade & Transportation
Cathy Dao
William Dessert
Ms. Marie Cady Drummond
Michael Dunfee
Mary Ebersole
Dorothy Ebsen
Denise and Bruce Eliot
Environ Architecture
Lan and Greg Faber
Farmers & Merchants Bank
Mary and Kevin Fay
Fombe Ndiforchu, MD
Foremen’s Union, Local 94
Gazette Newspapers
Mr. Edward Geraghty
Elizabeth and Michael Gibbs
Hector Gutierrez
Mr. Reiko Han
Ms. Jean Hartman
Christen and Scott Hebl
Ms. Donna Hilbert
Mrs. Betty Hinchman
Drs. Barbara and Heinz Hoenecke
Ms. Julie Hunley
Randi Katz
Greg King
Ms. Lisa Kostiszak
Anita and Michael Kralis
Ms. Myra Kremen
Patty and Rev. Paul Lance
Ms. Susan Lance
Debbie and Che Lee
Sally and Mark London
Ms. Susan Long
Dlaine Lyons
Mr. Luis Maimoni
Monica and Victor Manalo
Mrs. Patricia Mansur-Brown
Melvin I. Marks, MD
Claire Marshall
Mr. Seth Martindale
Norma Martinez
Elyn Marton
Mr. Bobby McCue
Mr. Brian McElroy
Mr. Timothy Moore
Julee and James Morris
Ms. Clare McClaren
Ms. Jeanne O’Malley
Ms. Beverly O’Neill
Daniela and Matt Osborn
PDT Partners, LLC
Martha and John Peck
Patricia and Rudy Perez
Heather and Ryan Peterson
Ms. Chris Rampino
Kevin Rhodes
Daniella Ruiz
Mr. Ahmed Saafir
Mrs. Dorothy (Dodie) Sailor
Mr. Bruce Saltzer
Ms. Jennifer Saunders
Jess Schmidt
Mr. Eric Schriver
Ms. Sunaina Sehwani
Charla Shelton
Leslie and Jerry Silverman
Marilyn and Robert Snare
Ms. Anne Steele and
        Mr. Freddie Peters
Dr. Julie Stindt
Ms. Connie Sziebl
Andrea and David Terrell
Teleconnect Therapies
Betty Jean and Russ Thompson
Patricia Thurston
UnitedHealth Group
Ms. Dawn Vo-Jutabha
Mr. Philip Wales
Jim and Bonny Walsh
Mr. Michael Walters
Kimberly Wee
Jerry Wilson, LMFT
Ilyse and Adam Wolfe
Denise Woltmann
William Wood
Derek Wratchford
Mr. Michael Zampelli
Ms. Lisa Zannitto-Wolff
Kristen Zinniger

SUPPORTER $50 – $99

Amazon Smile
Stacy Andersen
Marian and Jim Bassett
Linda and Alex Bellehumeur
Ms. Teresita Bitar
Ms. Barbara Blackwell
Minako and Bob Borgen
Ms. Alyssa Bray
Anna Buettner
Rebecca Suzanne Caverly
McKenna Contreras
Erin Davis
Michael Fay
Shayleen and John Fay
Ms. Janet Fleishman, LCSW
Ms. Lori Furth
Melissa Gastelum
Alejandra Guitron
Mr. Will Harris
Brian Jersky
Daniel Jimenez
Kroger/Ralphs Grocery Company
Lillian Lopez
Jennifer McConnell
Jocelin Padilla
Timothy Rosbottom
Darcelle Roseboro
Iris and Dick Schutz
Ms. Ruth L. Schwartz
David Slay
Travis Story
Ed Waiskopf, LMFT