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success_maria Maria
Nine-year-old Maria lost both of her parents in a horrible traffic accident. She came to The Guidance Center, suffering from severe depression, low-self esteem and a broken heart. She once lost all hope but now, two years later, she is able to laugh and smile again.

success_tom Tom
Once a lively, energetic little boy, Tom had become angry and withdrawn. He talked about hurting himself. His mother, a single parent, heard his cries for help and brought him to The Guidance Center, where he received the care he needed. Now, Tom is a happy expressive teenager who enjoys playing high-school soccer and looks forward to Friday night pizza with his mom and little sister.

success_laura Laura
Laura saw her boyfriend gunned down right in front of her house – a victim of gang violence. Laura was devastated. She had nightmares, difficulty sleeping and concentrating in school and avoided her friends. Laura suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and she turned to The Guidance Center for support. While she still mourns her loss, Laura feels better about herself and has regained a sense of control over her life.