About Us

Fact Sheet

What is The Guidance Center?

  • We are a nonprofit organization that provides comprehensive mental health treatment to our community’s most disadvantaged children and their families struggling with mental illness and abuse.
  • Our vision: a community where all children have the help they need to be healthy and happy.
  • Founded in 1946 by a group of local public school teachers and counselors.
  • We serve nearly 3,000 clients each year.

What services does The Guidance Center offer?

  • Individual, group and family therapy, crisis intervention, case management, community education/outreach, and intensive mental health treatment for children and families, as well as organized professional training programs
  • Click here to see more services we provide.

Does the Center have an internship program?

  • Yes. We offer a program for predoctoral psychology interns in community-clinical psychology. Click here for more information.
  • We offer specialized intern training programs for clinical social workers and marriage and family therapy trainees.

Does the Center produce any publications throughout the year?

  • Yes. We have an annual report and annual appeal that are distributed each fiscal year. We also release two newsletters, one during the spring and one during the fall.
  • We also have a monthly eNewsletter.  Want to be included in the mailing list?  Please email Mei Louie at mlouie@tgclb.org.

Who oversees and manages the Center?

  • An experienced team of six professionals make up our executive staff, and we have a board of 21 directors with expertise in many different fields as well as nine honorary board members.
  • The Center is comprised of more than 150 mental health professionals, support staff, administrators and interns.

How is the Center funded?

  • We are funded by the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health.
  • We also receive funding from individuals, corporations, and foundations.

How can I get involved with the Center?