Make an Impact

We believe everyone has the right to access mental health treatment. You can help us provide these much needed resources to children and families in various ways.

How Your Contribution Helps:


With your gift of $1,000, we can provide one month of intensive treatment for a teen who is struggling with the early onset of bipolar disorder or schizophrenia.


With your gift of $500, we can facilitate a collaborative meeting with one of our clinicians, a Department of Child and Family Services social worker and family members or foster parents to create a plan to address the needs of a child entering the foster care system.


With your gift of $200, we can provide one hour of treatment for a child with no insurance who is a victim of trauma or abuse.


Your gift of $100 provides a therapist with play therapy supplies, a critical tool in the treatment and care of young children.


Your gift of $50 provides a classroom in Long Beach Unified School District with our It’s About T.I.M.E. Calming Toolkit filled with sensory regulating items proven to help students with trauma de-stress and learn.


Your gift of $25 helps provide a healthy after school snack for children who would otherwise go hungry.

success stories

Our clients battle and overcome different hardships, obstacles or traumas. When they arrive at The Guidance Center, children and their families begin their journey together to find healing and hope. With the support of our compassionate team of therapists, they leave with confidence, strength and the tools to thrive toward positive and productive futures.