Thanks to your generosity, more than 3,200 children received life-changing mental health support from The Guidance Center last year. With your support, these children and their families have developed the tools they need to find their way and live their best lives.

Just like 5-year-old Maria. Living through debilitating trauma from domestic violence at such a young age affected her emotionally and behaviorally. Her mother sought support from The Guidance Center for both her and her daughter. Together, after working with their therapist, they have built a strong foundation of shared support and understanding. They have found their way, with confidence and strength, as they write the next chapter in their lives.

Or Annie, who bravely sought treatment after struggling with anxiety and depression brought on by trauma she experienced in middle school. With the help of her therapist, Annie worked hard to build insight, develop coping skills and learn grounding exercises to help her overcome the hardships she endured. With these skills and tools, Annie found her way and is now a college sophomore at UC Berkeley. Thanks to your past support, you have helped children like Maria and Annie who come to The Guidance Center to heal. Your generosity guides their path as they find their way toward a bright future.

You’ve demonstrated a commitment to children’s mental health. Please consider renewing your gift today so that other children and families can receive the help they need to live their best lives. And, with your monthly donation of $15, or one-time gift of $180 or more, a cute holiday teddy bear will be given to a client in your name this holiday season. This teddy bear will provide comfort and support to a child when times are difficult, bringing smiles to help brighten their day.

“Give light and people will find the way.” – Ella Baker, American Civil Rights Activist 

Please give light. The power of your gift will help change the path for a young child so they can find their way toward a healthy and happy life. 

Sincerely and with gratitude,


Patricia Costales, LCSW
CEO, The Guidance Center

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