Be the Hero of Your Own Story Pt.1 - feature image

 Be the hero of your own story. Unleash your superpowers. That’s what Sunset Sip 2018 is all about. But, how do superheroes and superpowers connect to our mission at The Guidance Center?

To help answer that question, we enlisted the help of Steven Frausto, LCSW. He has been a clinical therapist at The Guidance Center for seven years, and was recently promoted to supervisor at our San Pedro Clinic. Steven values his coworkers, and appreciates that The Guidance Center is a place to grow and learn as a clinical therapist. He’s passionate about our mission as an agency to empower our clients in our communities and to be a source of strength to those in need. Read on to learn one part of the superhero connection…

I want to invite everybody to the Sunset Sip. Our theme this year is superheroes, superpowers and helping our community. At The Guidance Center, the work we do is more along the lines of what superheroes do.

I believe that therapists are like superheroes. My favorite superhero is Batman. The reason I like Batman is because he’s an ordinary guy. He uses his skills, smarts and tools exactly the way therapists use their smarts, clinical tools and skills.

We do our work to help our community. That’s exactly what Batman does. Like Batman, I also believe that clinical therapists also don’t necessarily need that recognition to do the work that they do. I think it’s very important to have our clients be the ones who have that strength within themselves, that they build that strength within themselves.

And, I think Batman greatly exemplifies that. He goes in does his work, and then let’s the individual person be their own hero. Let’s them feel empowered. And, I think that’s one of the great things about being a therapist. That our clients feel like they’re their own super person. And, I really, really like that.

So, if you are free Sept. 15, join us at the Hotel Maya in Long Beach. And there you can learn how you can be a superhero to a child in need in your community.

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