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Over The Guidance Center’s more than 70-year history, a key factor in enabling us to provide much-needed mental health services to our community’s most disadvantaged children and families has been our many passionate supporters.

They’ve used their voice to advocate for children’s mental health in the community. They’ve volunteered their time and expertise to make our organization stronger and better equipped to address our community’s needs. They’ve recruited family members and friends to support the cause. They’ve helped to ensure we always have the funds to provide support to the children and families who need it no matter what. This often includes sponsoring our annual fundraiser, Sunset Sip. We’re often at a loss for words to express our deep gratitude to our supporters!

These words describe so well our Sunset Sip 2017 Healing & Hope Sponsor Burt Falk and Paso Robles Sponsors Nancy and Bob Foster.

Meet long-time supporter, Burt Falk of The Cherry Avenue Companies. Burt joined The Guidance Center’s Board of Directors in the early 1970s, having been recruited by a friend who was a member. At the time, he wasn’t fully aware of the scope of mental health challenges among youth in Long Beach, but after a few months of immersion, he realized the great need for such support.

Burt pictured hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail with his granddaughter Angela last summer.

Burt pictured hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail with his granddaughter Angela last summer.

To this day, he is still passionate about helping The Guidance Center provide much-needed mental health support and raising awareness of the mental health challenges disadvantaged children face in our community. We’re so grateful to have such a genuine, kind, and savvy business man as our supporter.

“I’m eighty-one years old now, forty some years after becoming first involved. Call it stubborn if you will, but I’ll never give up on such a worthwhile program,” said Burt.

The Former First Lady, Nancy, and Former Mayor of Long Beach, Bob Foster, truly need no introduction. Their love and compassion for our city’s residents are felt far and wide.

Nancy and Bob Foster - Sunset Sip 2012

Nancy and Bob Foster at Sunset Sip 2012.

Nancy, being a mental health advocate who has experienced her own struggles with mental health, is acutely aware of the challenges our children face and actively works to raise awareness and ensure children receive the help they need to be healthy. She has a way of empowering all she meets with her energetic, vibrant, and thoughtful presence. We believe she is a true superhero. We’re grateful for her and Bob’s active presence on our Board of Directors and Honorary Board, respectively.

“The Guidance Center provides quality mental health care for children of low income families. [Children] are in a safe environment. If one person suffers with mental illness, the entire family is affected. TGC also provides counseling, which helps the healing process. I am so grateful to The Guidance Center!” said Nancy.

Thank you to our supporters and Sunset Sip sponsors! You’re making a major impact on our community.

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