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This special client success story comes from our 2016-17 Annual Report. Click here to experience more stories of community and hope that comes from compassionate collaboration.


“Community means coming together for the common good of the kids.”

-Armando Naranjo, ASW, Clinical Therapist, San Pedro Clinic

Armando meets with some of his clients at their schools. In a tight-knit community like San Pedro, schools are a great place to connect with not only the local children who need mental health support, but also caregivers, parents, and influential community members like school staff.

Local resources that can help improve the students’ whole lives are shared among the adults. And, onsite interventions allow therapists and clients to work on building communication and coping skills right in the environment where they are struggling.

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Nina*, a 7-year-old, is one of those students. She loves reading books and playing teacher. Her favorite Disney character is Belle because of Belle’s love of books.

Sadly though, Nina has lived most of her young life in homes that didn’t provide love or adequate care until recently. This left her anxious and unable to speak. But after spending time with Armando, she has found her confidence and is excelling in school.

Together with Nina’s social worker, Armando was also able to help Nina’s caregiver access resources that enabled them to obtain permanent housing and her legal guardianship of Nina.

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*Name changed to protect confidentiality.

Photo Cred: E.F. Marton Productions