There are many things that make The Guidance Center special:  our 75 years of serving children and families in our community; our many partnerships with leaders, community members, nonprofit organizations, and schools; and the children and families who are brave enough to trust us as we help them find their way.  And then there is our staff, who selflessly dedicate their time and energy to making a difference in the lives of others.  Staff members like Darcelle Roseboro, who celebrated her 40th year as an employee of The Guidance Center this past summer.

Darcelle started her career in July of 1981 as a receptionist at the San Pedro Clinic of what was then known as The Greater Long Beach Child Guidance Center. Always willing to help, she wasn’t afraid to wear many hats, from providing administrative support to soliciting in-kind donations such as clothes and food – whatever she could find to help clients and their families.  Darcelle later took on new roles at our Long Beach office, where she served as a Receptionist, Intake Specialist and more recently, as an Office Assistant.

Through the years, no matter the position or role, Darcelle always does it with a smile on her face and with such positivity and kindness.

We reached out to our staff and asked them to share something about Darcelle that makes her such a special team member.  The response was overwhelming – there were too many accolades to include here; however, they will be shared with Darcelle.  Here are some of the highlights:


Darcelle has seen the agency go through so many changes over the past 40 years.  What has motivated her to stay?  “Helping the families that need The Guidance Center’s help.”

Darcelle, thank you for exemplifying the spirit of what makes The Guidance Center so special and for sharing 40 years of smiles with all of us!