Looking for fun ways to keep your children mentally stimulated this summer? Head over to our TeachersPayTeachers page to find useful educational resources created by our Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee!


Connection Bingo

Children can work on this fun and thoughtful game that teaches about characters and attributes of self and others in a positive, inclusive way.





Community Mapping Project

The Community Mapping project prompts children to investigate where they live and locate themselves within a certain culture or other available resources. It can also help increase critical thinking about what their community resources are and what gaps and needs exist in their community.




Diverse Face of Poetry Worksheet

Created for National Poetry Month, these worksheets help children and teens engage in thoughtful discourse about the diverse culture and cultural sensitivity that are offered in poetry.






A-Z Affirming Aspects of African American Culture Coloring Book

This coloring book helps children identify and reflect on some of the many positive aspects of African American Culture. Additionally, as African American children engage in coloring, our hope is their positive self-concept will be reinforced and/or enhanced. The coloring book can also start cultural conversations and facilitate the sharing of positive cultural attributes and experiences. 


Diversity Scavenger Hunt

Parents can use this activity to increase a sense of community and inclusivity in a group setting with young children.






Thank you so much to the members of our Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee for creating these incredible projects! Check out our Teachers Pay Teachers page for a larger selection of fun activities and educational worksheets.