Deck the halls with these festive DIYs! On today’s blog, we share holiday craft ideas that the whole family can enjoy.  

The following projects not only stimulate nimble fingers and creative minds but also enhance problem-solving abilities. They become a canvas for self-expression, a space where children can explore their imagination with the warmth and support of their loved ones. The sense of accomplishment from completing a holiday craft project not only adorns the tree but also boosts a child’s confidence and self-esteem, making the season truly magical.   

Paper Bag Snowman Puppet:

This easy all-ages craft is fun to make and allows your child’s creativity to shine. Once you’re done, gather the whole family for a puppet show! 






Twig Ornaments:

This craft comes with an adventure: First, take a foraging walk outside to gather twigs. Then, use glue to create holiday shapes and finish with festive embroidery thread wrapping.






Kwanzaa Pasta Necklace:

This Kwanzaa Necklace Craft uses paint, pasta and a little imagination – it’s a fun Kwanzaa craft for little kids!







Paper Plate Christmas Masks:

Ordinary white paper plates and a few simple craft supplies are all kids need to whip up this adorable holiday project. Don’t forget to take tons of pictures of the little artists sporting their snowman, Santa Claus, and Mrs. Claus masks. 





Sand Art Menorah:

Pour multi-colored sand into little glass jars (empty jam or baby food jars work well here), then insert a faux candle into each. For older kids, trade out the metal straw candles for the real thing—as long as they’re small enough candles, the sand should keep these safe.





Biodegradable Garlands:

Biodegradable and compostable, these old-school style garland strands are a great way to use old pantry staples. Use leftover or stale pantry items like popcorn, dried fruits, bay leaves and candy or loop decorative ribbon around pretzels and dried pasta for an unexpected twist! 





Handprint Santa Claus:

What’s sweeter than a Christmas craft that preserves your child’s handprint for the family archives? Use heavy card stock to trace the handprint and turn this project into a holiday card loved ones will cherish. 





These shared moments, wrapped in glitter and laughter, become a gift in themselves. Amidst the chaos of the holidays, quality time spent on these projects offers a precious opportunity for parents to bond with their children, creating traditions and treasured memories. We hope this list inspires you to get into the holiday spirit and nurture your child’s development with the most precious gift of all—quality time together.