As this year’s Sunset Sip fast approaches, we want to express our gratitude for those who continue to devote their energy to The Guidance Center and share their inspiring messages with all of you. Betsy Snare is a passionate advocate for mental health and has dedicated her time to helping those in need. Her work with The Guidance Center has been crucial in raising awareness about mental health issues in our community. Through her dedication, Betsy is helping many find a light at the end of the tunnel.

We sat down with Betsy and chatted about how she got involved, what ignites her light, and why she supports The Guidance Center.



Tim Sailor, who has served as Board Chair and was instrumental in launching Sunset Sip, has been a dear friend for over 25 years. After attending the event, I was inspired by his commitment to The Guidance Center and respected the work of the organization. Once Tim educated my husband, Ed Walters, and me about it we felt it was like a natural fit.


What about the work of The Guidance Center resonates with you?

I believe it’s so important that The Guidance Center focuses not only on the mental health of the child, but the family as a whole. Speaking from personal experience, mental health struggles affect the entire family unit. My brother struggled with mental illness and self-medication, eventually dying from his illness. This pain shaped me as a human being and my goal is to help families in similar situations.


What drives you in your role as event chair?

It’s really been interesting as a board member to meet and develop relationships with my fellow committee and board members. Each of us has such different backgrounds and points of view. For example, a lot of our board members have shared that they find it intimidating to ask for donations; however, I have 25 years of sales experience. Thanks to my background, that comes easy to me. They respect me for that gumption while I respect them for their business acumen or their knowledge on therapy and the industry. We have a great board made up of unique and dedicated people that all have the same goal in mind.


What ignites your light?

People that share my enthusiasm. I love to surround myself with people with positive energy who have the drive to get things done.



Join Betsy and the rest of our wonderful event committee at this year’s Sunset Sip on May 6th at Old Ranch Country Club!

Check out our sponsorship opportunities and tickets here. Your support will help the children and families we serve find their guiding light.