The theme for Sunset Sip 2023 is Ignite Your Light! In a physical sense, light helps guide us and interpret the world around us. Street lights guide us on our journeys, illuminating a safe route. A porch light may guide a child back to their home. Symbolically, light provides hope and guidance, and without it the world would be a place of darkness. At The Guidance Center, our goal is to help children ignite their inner light and see the bright future ahead of them. 

This year’s client speaker, Maria, shares how The Guidance Center helped her find her path through a dark time. After struggling with intense emotions, she worked closely with her therapists to process difficult feelings and learned various skills to help her navigate and overcome the challenges she has endured.

Read her inspiring words below!

We are excited to celebrate our 12th annual Sunset Sip gala in person on May 6 at Old Ranch Country Club. As we join together to raise money to support children and families struggling with mental illness, we encourage you to contribute to their bright futures. We hope you will celebrate with us!

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