Hope. Resilience. Perseverance. Courage.

These are the words that guide our clients when they come to The Guidance Center for help. These words mean more now than ever before.

This year has been unlike any other. Living through a pandemic and the social injustices that have rocked our community has been incredibly challenging, especially for our clients. They already face far too many hardships at a young and innocent age. Imagine being a child living through all of this while also struggling with anxiety, depression or suicidal thoughts. Imagine being a child who has been told to stay “safer at home” when home is an unsafe place to be, and there is nowhere else to go.

A child like Sammy, who at the young age of 8, endured one of the most frightening and horrific experiences no child should ever have to endure. Her father was choking her mother. Fearing for their lives, young Sammy grabbed a bag of coins and hit her father with it so he would let go of her mom. In that moment, this scared little girl had enough courage and bravery to save her mother’s life. Sammy and her mother endured another year of abuse before they finally sought help at The Guidance Center. She boldly shared her story with her therapist, and her mom fought and gained full custody of Sammy and her brother.

Today, they are all safe in their new home. Therapy has helped Sammy heal from her trauma and develop the tools and coping skills to manage her anxiety and depression.

Sammy is a heroic young lady whose strength gave her the ability to stand up and be heard. Her path was not an easy one, but she is powerful and resilient. She shares her story in the hopes that she can help others who are hurting and feel alone and scared like she once did.

“I can say I am no longer that little girl who lives in fear. I will use my voice to help other children, who have similar experiences, overcome their trauma.”

Sammy used the might of her voice to be heard and seen. Thanks to your past support, you have helped children like Sammy come to The Guidance Center so their voices can be heard. Will you help guide more children on a path toward a bright future by renewing your gift today?

There are several ways your gift can make an impact.

  • Support The Guidance Center’s General Fund so our vital services remain strong.
  • Contribute to our COVID-19 Client Emergency Relief Fund to help families who are struggling to meet basic needs during the pandemic.
  • Support our Adopt-A-Family program, which provides families with holiday gifts they would otherwise go without.

“When the whole world is silent, even one voice is powerful.”
Malala Yousafzai – Activist and Nobel Prize Laureate

Please be that one voice. The power of your gift will help change the path for a young child.

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Please send your gift by December 31st so other children and families can receive the help they need, especially right now during this difficult and extraordinary time.

With gratitude and thanks,

Patricia Costales, LCSW
Chief Executive Officer