Thank you so much to everyone who supported our Long Beach Gives Kick Off event at Trademark Brewing in support of The Guidance Center’s It’s About T.I.M.E. program!

It’s About T.I.M.E. (Trauma-Informed Movement in Education) is a training program, based on ChildTrauma Academy’s Neurosequential Model in Education, that equips educators with tools to understand and help students who are experiencing the negative impacts of trauma. The two-year program builds on the foundation created by established support systems within Long Beach Unified Schools and brings the trauma-informed approach to educators through formal training at the beginning of the school year and onsite support throughout the following two years.

We were overjoyed to celebrate with our community for a fun, trauma-informed evening. By attending the event, being a sponsor, or donating, you made a great impact helping us spread the movement throughout Long Beach and beyond!

You can continue the important conversation of the Trauma-Informed Movement in Education. Visit our Long Beach Gives page and become a peer fundraiser to share our message with your family & friends!

Our guests enjoyed beer, wine, pizza, and good company while helping us keep the trauma-informed movement alive. Our CEO, Patricia Costales, LCSW, opened the night with a message on the importance of It’s About T.I.M.E. and how valuable the program is in helping teachers and staff build relationship with students so they feel seen and heard.

Nathan Swaringen, LCSW, Lead Consultant for It’s About T.I.M.E. kicked off the event by asking guests to participate in a  “brain break activity,” similar to those shared in the classroom. He used the rhythm of drumming to help guests clear their minds and feel at ease. Nathan then spoke on the necessity of this program in schools and shared his experiences guiding educators in implementing policies that create safety, connection, and regulation amongst the students.

“A regulated brain is necessary for motivation, focus, learning, and management of emotions. By intentionally supporting school staff in countless ways, from being a shoulder to cry on, to helping clean a classroom, to giving the teacher respite by leading a class of unruly students in a brain break, the consultant is modeling for the adult, vicariously, what the students need. It benefits both.”


Nathan Swaringen, LCSW

Nathan illustrated these methods by sharing the story of how he assisted staff in reaching an angry, disrespectful, unmotivated student struggling with substance use on campus. He instructed them to ask, why is he like this? (why the pain, NOT why the behavior). After properly conceptualizing the case through a lens of pain and self-medication rather than willful defiance, a shift takes place and a mutual relationship amongst equals emerges.  A small team of adults has committed to this shift, and it shows.

There’s still time to support this vital program!

Early giving begins on Thursday, September 15th and lasts for one week. Thanks to the support of our peer fundraisers we already have received over $18,000 in pledges to our Long Beach Gives page!

Visit for more information about this special giving day and stay tuned for updates about The Guidance Center’s Long Beach Gives campaign in the coming weeks. We will continue to share announcements and information on our social media platforms.


Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for joining us!