In My Backyard
In My Backyard
Episode #10 - Mental Health Struggles of Chronically Ill Children

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, chronic illnesses in children can affect the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development of young patients. It also takes a serious toll on parents and siblings, leading to strained familial relationships that add yet another layer of stress. Depression and anxiety are common co-morbid illnesses in children with chronic health concerns.

Additionally, very often with a chronic or potentially terminal illness, families and medical staff are so understandably focused on the physical health of the child that the emotional, developmental and psychological impacts of the illness and treatment are overlooked.

In today’s episode, Patricia speaks with Dr. Lauren Ford, a licensed pediatric psychologist in The Guidance Center’s Whole Child program. The Whole Child is a program that places Guidance Center pediatric psychologists in Miller Children’s and Women’s Hospital, to provide consultation and mental health support to children and families with chronic illness. In many cases, therapists are able to support the child when they are inpatient in the hospital as well as between hospital visits.

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