In My Backyard
In My Backyard
Season 2 Episode #15 - The Magic of Music

According to the 2022 Children Now California report card, children’s “success hinges on the support of caring, effective, trauma-informed and culturally competent/congruent adults. Yet, California schools continue to have fewer educators, counselors, nurses and support staff than almost every other state in the country.” Only 57% of 9th graders report having a caring relationship with even one adult at school, despite knowing that “adults on campus have always been critical to student well-being, and are more important than ever during turbulent times”.

The recommendation of Children Now is that California policy-makers “promote systemic changes in our schools to significantly improve student experiences, ensure … a positive school climate and increase student engagement and connectedness.” They specifically call for a reinvestment in services and programs that attend to the socio-emotional needs of children, which will lead to better educational achievement and ideally the prevention of mental health struggles and isolation down the road. Until we do a better job of incorporating programs that enhance emotional well-being, there are nonprofits that are stepping up to fill that gap.

In today’s podcast, Patricia speaks with Tiffiny Reckley, Music Educator and Socio-Emotional Learning Expert with Education Through Music, Los Angeles. This episode discusses the programs her organization provides, and how music education in schools can improve the emotional, psychological and educational outcomes of our children.

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