In My Backyard
In My Backyard
Season 2: Episode #4 - A Discussion About the First Episode of Psychosis

Today’s podcast discusses First-Episode Psychosis, sometimes referred to as a first psychotic break. First-Episode Psychosis is when a person begins to lose contact with reality and starts to experience delusions, hallucinations and something called “disorganized speech”. 

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, or NAMI, “psychosis is characterized as disruptions to a person’s thoughts and perceptions that make it difficult for them to recognize what is real and what isn’t. These disruptions are often experienced as seeing, hearing, (feeling, smelling) and believing things that aren’t real or having strange, persistent thoughts, behaviors and emotions. While everyone’s experience is different, most say psychosis is frightening and confusing”. 

The most common age for a person to experience First-Episode Psychosis is between 15 and 25 years, those adolescent years that are already tumultuous. Identifying the signs of a first psychotic break and knowing what to do about it are absolutely key to a better long-term prognosis, but they are also commonly written off initially as the normal turmoil of adolescence.   

In this episode Patricia speaks with Catrina Flores, a clinician from Mental Health America – Los Angeles. Catrina specializes in working with a population we call transition-aged youth, namely those complicated years from 16 to 25. Further, MHALA is reknown for their work with the most displaced mentally ill adults in our community. In this setting, Catrina works very closely with youth who are experiencing First-Episode Psychosis and all the complications that accompany that. 

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