In My Backyard
In My Backyard
Season 3 Episode #2: Providing Treatment to Traumatized Children

We all experience stress throughout our lives. For a child raised with at least one healthy adult relationship, and a relatively trauma-free upbringing, experiencing normal stressors is a positive thing. They learn to adapt and grow to become resilient and functional adults who can navigate the everyday pressures of life.

Althouigh, different outcomes emerge when a child is exposed to prolonged experiences of stress – child abuse, a chaotic home, community violence, social isolation, profound poverty and the like. Those very same brain responses that are adaptive in a child with a stable upbringing – flight, fight, or freeze – make a child from a persistently traumatic environment vulnerable to troubles in the external world.

In this episode, Patricia speaks with Rebecca Corb, a registered clinical social worker in The Guidance Center’s Long Beach School-Based Program, about the realities of mental health treatment with traumatized children.

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