We are excited to introduce Lenka Somolova, MBA, as our newest Board Member! Lenka brings an extensive level of experience to our organization, and we thrilled to have her be part of our team.

 Lenka is the CEO of Power Orbital in Los Angeles, a US-based exclusive partner and manufacturer of HE3DA technology. The company is designed to manufacture HE3DA batteries to help meet the increasing demand for lithium-ion stationary energy storage solutions in the US.

 Lenka possesses both MBA and JD degrees with more than 20 years of experience providing executive leadership in both startup and corporate environments. She has a proven history of developing and growing enterprises from scratch in the technology, oil, motion picture, and professional sports management industries. Plus, she is fluent in 4 different languages, English, Czech, Slovak and Polish, and is proficient in Spanish and German!

 Get to know Lenka a little better by reading through our conversation below.

Tell us about yourself, what do you do for living?

I am what one might call a serial entrepreneur. My focus is on creating and developing new and exciting startup opportunities, at the same time investing in established companies where our goals are in alignment. As a side gig, to feed my creative appetite, I compose music and work in the film industry as a writer/director.

How did you learn about The Guidance Center?

My tax advisor Susan Cooper, who sits on the Board of Directors mentioned the great things The Guidance Center does for children in need and I was immediately hooked. I worked with multiple nonprofit organizations across Europe so it has always been my passion to help others and certainly to give back in any way that I can.

What attracted you to the cause of children’s mental health?

Children are the foundation of our future. Their mental health is a critical element in our development as a species, as it will shape our culture. Although growing up in modest conditions in the Czech Republic, I was fortunate to grow up with an extremely progressive and positive mother, who opened up my world –carefully guiding my experience. She taught me to embrace and experience life free from fear or barriers ultimately providing the stepping stones for where I am today. I am well aware not every child has the same conditions mentoring their development and I believe all children deserve the same opportunities and vision.

What do you do to help maintain good mental health?

I personally believe physical and mental health walk hand in hand, and so I try to focus on both aspects simultaneously. Aside from regular exercise and a healthy diet, I try to mediate daily, spend time in nature and stay positive –keeping my childlike spirit strong inside. I love exploring new things, so I am constantly occupied with teaching myself new skills or building on skills I feel I need to improve. Of course, everyone experiences difficult times, and when that happens I try to stand back and objectively look at my life appreciating the things I am grateful to have. I always try to keep a bird’s eye perspective and then all of the problems seem smaller and much more insignificant.

Do you have a message to share with others?

A phenomenon exists known as, “Helper’s High.” For several years, scientists studied this phenomenon identifying that helping others releases endorphins which, in turn, improve mood and boost self-esteem. My message for anyone is to go out and help someone, give back to your community, your friend or simply your neighbor. Not only will you be helping someone in need, you will be helping yourself as well. At the end, helping a child may perhaps have a tremendous and multiplied impact on the future of our world to the extent that we cannot currently foresee.