Anxiety and bullying once stopped Alexis from happily expressing herself. Now, she strives to connect and interact with others to help them smile. She’s done many exciting things since her last visit to The Guidance Center and singing at the 3rd Annual Sunset Sip. We are happy to share her update.

A Look Back
Alexis and her mom came to The Guidance Center hoping to find help. Alexis suffered from anxiety and was bullied daily. She had trouble focusing in school, building healthy friendships and sharing her artistic abilities. As the bullying got worse, so did her anxiety and anxiety symptoms. Alexis searched for friends. However, with deflated confidence, she accepted friendships that were not positive. Eager to find help, Alexis’ mom connected with others in her community and learned about the services provided by The Guidance Center.

During therapy, Alexis excitedly interacted with toys and felt comfortable expressing her feelings and discussing the challenges she faced. Her therapist taught her coping skills that would help her anxiety. During sessions, Alexis also learned about building healthy friendships and establishing acceptable boundaries and behaviors. Alexis’ confidence grew, and she felt ready to be herself, which meant sharing her talents with the world.

A Look at Today
Today, Alexis sings, dances, mentors and is an inspiring standup comedian. Alexis is an ambassador for the Los Angeles Sparks’ and has performed for many, including the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers. She also writes and performs songs with powerful messages, like girl empowerment and putting an end to bullying. Alexis travels to schools and community centers to engage with other youth and has already shared her songs with thousands. Alexis also loves giving back to her community through volunteering. She volunteers for several organizations, including Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital Long Beach. Utilizing skills taught by her therapist helps Alexis pursue these passions and share her talents. Alexis knows the importance of tracking her mood and self-regulates when needed. She also values and maintains healthy relationships, especially the friendships she has formed with her cousins. She is able interact with audiences of all sizes because her self-confidence and self-esteemed have boosted and blossomed.

A Look Ahead
Alexis is excited about what the future has in store. She starts high school this fall. When school is not in session, she will be working hard pursuing her passions. Whether performing at Staples Center again or writing jokes for her first comedy show, Alexis plans to be confident in herself and her abilities. She is looking forward to continuously giving back to those in need and becoming one of the greatest entertainers of all time.

In celebration of this year’s Sunset Sip themed, ‘Hope Takes Flight’, Alexis shares what lifts her up.
“What lifts me up is seeing people smile. I love when people are smiling when I sing, because they’re touched by me. When I do comedy, people are smiling and laughing. When I dance, people like to come and dance with me, on the dance floor or in the audience. Last, when I act in comedic shows (one day) I will make people smile.”

At this year’s Sunset Sip, we will hear from another former client of The Guidance Center. We welcome you to join us and hear how hope has taken flight in his life. For more information and to purchase tickets visit: