Each day, Gage lives by the phrase, “shoot for the stars, even if you miss you’ll always go somewhere new.” He created this saying when repairing his self-confidence after years of bullying. He’s done many new things and taken on new adventures since his last visit to The Guidance Center in 2015 and speaking at the 5th Sunset Sip. We are delighted to share his update.

A Look Back
Gage and his mom came to The Guidance Center after Gage had been bullied for years. When he first started therapy he was timid and had trouble coping with life’s challenges. He no longer wanted to go to school and couldn’t see his life getting better. His hope had been damaged. With the help of his therapist, Stevie McBride, LMFT, Gage was able to talk through his worries and hardships. Stevie taught him how to cope and overcome challenges in healthy ways. In therapy, Gage also learned the importance of self-control and how to be calm in stressful moments. Gage’s mom says Stevie was a role model and dependable resource for her son when he needed support the most.

A Look at Today
Today, Gage continues to utilize the skills Stevie taught him. Sometimes his peers pressure him to make bad choices, but Gage has the confidence to say no. He recognizes that he can’t control others, so he’s now able to practice self-control when his peers act inappropriately. Despite still experiencing hardships, like bullying, Gage’s outlook on life is quite optimistic. He believes in looking at the bright side, no matter how dark things may seem. For the first time in his life, he doesn’t take the actions of others personal. Gage understands that each person has a story and makes decisions because of their past experiences and learned behaviors. He encourages those in his life to remember this and stay positive. His mom’s outlook on life has also improved because of his support and daily advice.

Gage loves shooting for the stars. For him, shooting for the stars means trying new things that will propel him. After Stevie encouraged him to utilize sports as an outlet and way to make healthy friendships, Gage joined various sports teams. Currently, his favorite sport to play is baseball. He enjoys being on a baseball team and contributing to the team’s successes. His mom proudly displays his many accomplishments and awards throughout their home and on their refrigerator. He is talented, committed and focused on the field and in the classroom. So, it’s understandable that the size of the family’s refrigerator is having a hard time keeping up with Gage’s many accomplishments.

A Look Ahead
Gage is excited about the future. He turns 14 and starts high school this fall. He will continue playing baseball and is open to trying other sports and activities. After high school, he plans on going to college for business and becoming an entrepreneur. He’s looking forward to new adventures and no matter where he goes, he believes all things will happen when and how they’re supposed to.

In celebration of this year’s Sunset Sip themed, ‘Hope Takes Flight’, Gage shares what lifts him up.
“Shooting for the stars lifts me up, because even if I miss I’ll go to new places every time.”

At this year’s Sunset Sip, we will hear from another former client of The Guidance Center. We welcome you to join us and hear how hope has taken flight in his life. For more information and to purchase tickets visit: bit.ly/SUNSETSIP2019.